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Notes on Copenhagen nights

+ how to make a biker fear you

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This is a long(!) account of what happens when I'm let lose out on the town.

I think that I have been adopted... serveral times too

First of all by a group of people in "the kings garden" in Copenhagen, sekundly by some druk geeks in "Victoria bar" and finally by a couple from Norway at a push cocktail bar I stumbled into.

first things first; I went to Copenhagen to visit my "little brother" and to say my goodbyes to this great city before my trip. I decided to go to "The Kings Garden" to tjeck out this facebook event.... I belive that there most have been about 5000 people there, so ofcorse I was sitting all by myself, reading in a book.... well not for long though. A girl came over and asked me if I wanted to join her and her friends and help them drink their wine... I had no problem with that at all. Nice people and we had fun even when a American guy joined us and started yelling at us in some sort of cheap, plastic megafone. He even started lecturing us about the history of Denmark... strange.
My brother came with some keys for me and the whole group looked a bit stunned.... I'd forgotten to tell them that my brother is african, and more of a bonus-brother .... ofcorse they wanted an explanation
When the park guard threw us out we all went to a bar around the corner.
I got drunk... really drunk!!! I remember leaving the place while doing some budhist-like chant and spend the next ½hour trying to find the walking street.... It was just in front of me:D
I'd like to give my thanks to the two guys who helped me walk in a straight line....

well slowly I sobered up, well at least enough to apreciate the street proformers. A guy from Australia playing and singing all these moodfull songs, and an american circus-artist with a really fake british accent dressed as Indiana Jones while standing on a wire above a pit full of fake crocodiles.
The crocodiles made me think of "Australian bar" and I headed that way, but was intercepted by a great song coming from bar Victoria(Crowed house; Weather with you). I orded a beer and a guy dressed as doctor from the 1040thies took me (unsolicitated) under his wing. I'm afraid that I never asked him why he was dressed like that... He had just returned from the US where he'd lived for 7 years and he'd missed the danish women, he told over and over. I told him and his friend about my forthcoming trip and the friend, who confieded in me that he was a geek, tried to convince me that Hong Kong is situated in Japan... 20 min later he was still none the wiser, and the last thing I heard him say to his friend as I left the bar was; Is Hong Kong a part of China?...

Next stop was another bar... again I was lured in by I man playing a guitar... He was playing a really great version of Leonard Coens "halleluja"... during the song the guy sitting next to me, who looked like a bizare mix between emimen and a hells angels biker with his big red beard, tatoos up and down his arms, muscels and white track suit, leaned towards me and told me in a deeply moved voice "It's really a shame that the guy who wrote this song is dead"...
"what do you mean" I asked him... "Leonard Coen's not dead. He just played a concert here in Copenhagen last week!". "No, no no, he IS dead, he drowned, and it's really sad"..."Listen" I said "Leonard Coen wrote the song and he's still alive... Jeff Buckley however, who did a cover of the song, drowned while taking a swim in the Missisipi."
But still the guy didn't give up (and neither did I)... "let's make a bet" he said, and reached out a hand as if to make a quick deal or to scare me off. Normally I never make bets, I hate the odds of loosing on a guess, but this was to easy a win to let it pass, so I too reached out a hand and said with the biggest, confident smile "fine... 3000kr" thinking he'll never follow through. The guy looked at me as if I was an easy target mixed with a bit of disbelieve, he grabed my hand and said "10000kr" (something clicked inside my head)..... we shoke hands and started to talk about how we should call the bet, and decided to ask the singer, who was just stepping down for a break.
I'll never forget the look on the poor guys face as he realized that he'd lost... he keept on arguing with the singer for about 10minutes. In the meen time I'd been talking to a friend of the biker, and I asured him that I'd never intended to claim the money... I just wanted to see how far he would take it.
And then the biker was gone... he left in a hurry out the back door, leaving me only with a stupid story to tell. His friend (Philip from France) told me that the biker had told him that he had something he had to do.
Outside the bar the singer was having a smoke and when I told about the bet he laughed so hard he dropped his cigaret. We agreed that I had to be the most unlikely person to scare of a biker.

On my odyssey through the Copenhagen streetlights I had finally made it to the "Town-hall square". For a while I stood there looking at the neon lights and the motion billbords.
"Hi!" someone said behind me.... "are you going home?" It was Philip the frenchmen from the bar. I told him that I had things to do the next day, but he saw my camera and asked me weither I was a photographer.. I said "not really".
his english was very bad and it was clear that he only understood about half of what I was saying, and sometimes when he didn't know how to say things in english he just continued in french. Strangely I understood some of it, which I found out later would come in handy.
He told me that he was an illfaithed writer and he let me take his picture, adding that he was a no-body, a servant to the masses, and that no one would be interested in looking at his picture. He tried to smile, but it faded in the neon and all that was left in his eyes was a plea for mercy. Hoping that he didn't look like he felt.
We agreed that we'd both had too much to drink..
so we stood in the heart of the city and the night and talked about art, writing, photos, his daughter, life and ten good reasons why I shouldn't see his hotel room. His moves were never that convincing nor confident, he just thought that if he asked me enough times, I'd cave in... That lonely man.
We ended up at a really push cocktail bar just before closing time and quicky we made some new friends at the bar. A swedish guy insisted that I should stop speaking pretend-swedish to him:D (I can't imagine why that would bother him) and he tried to teach me that it isn't allright to only drink coca cola at a bar, and offered to by me a real drink. I kindly declined, and he started telling me about the bartenders private life.
In the meentime, Philip had managed to tell the rest of the people in the bar that I was a writer. This, and the fact that I as a joke had just told the swedish guy loudly, that; "Me, I'm a freaking genius!!", sparked the attention from the bartender/actor... I tried to tell him that in some ways I was a writer but at the same time I really wasn't, and since I was still a bit drunk I'm not sure he understood my "brilliant" argumentation. Instead we started talking about burbon.
A woman called me over, and together we drank some "Marker's Mark". Her and her husband (who didn't say a word, but only smiled warmly at everyone in the bar) were here on holliday. They wanted me to come and visit me in Norway. I should just give them a call and they would come pick me up at the airport.

A beautiful blond woman was sitting alone in the corner of the room in at party dress drinking a lonely cocktail. She looked like a somebody, going somewhere. At one I realized that she was watching me intensely and I felt uneased by it. Thinking why is she looking at me like that. Then I took a look around and realized why; somehow everything that happend in that bar had something to do with me... I was the one that interduced people, I would be the one that people turned to for a translation when the french guy made no sence, when I laughed people would stop and try to find out why. when I talked they listned, If I didn't say anything they would pick me up and make me coment on whatever or they would want to know more about my trip.... I'm not used to that kind of attention, and I surely don't seek... and realizing the situation made me paranoid and strangely calm at the same time. I enjoyed hanging out with those people, not because of the attention, nor the freedom in not knowing any of them but because we were basicly the same type of people. Night Owls... We refused to admit that the night had to end ..it felt like a Edward hopper painting, and time had come to leave it.

Outside the door some african prostitudes waited, hoping to catch some lonely souls. I tried to send them a smile but they looked away. I went home to my bed, knowing that I would miss this city.

To my dear biker-friend in Copenhagen.... don't feel sad, I'll use your money wisely, or at least try too. Just send them to me... I'll send you a postcard from Norway.

now it's time to get a little sleep before work... I blame singStar night in Aarhus at MT's place for my sour throught:D

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Another step reached

+ A note on saying goodbye

sunny 23 °C

Just reached my estimated budget friday!!! Fantastic.
although I'm might have set optimisticly low... time will show
Seven weeks untill I get on that plane. Soon I'll be counting days (and hours) as well:)

So the time has come to show my friends a little extra attention... It's time for a "fare-well" tour :D
Next weekend I'll be making a marethon of it by firstly going to Copenhagen and then Aarhus. I think that I'll find my way to the south of jutland sometime in August as well, but I will not make it to Germany after all.

All my beautiful friends take good care, and remember from time to time to let a crazy traveller know how you're all doing. I wish you could come with me. Time changes us in so many ways it's scary. Shit I'm going to start crying now...

sending out invitations for a little party soon and I'm hoping that the most of you can come.
Bassicly It's one night of drinking cheap german beer.
off to bed now, dreaming of good times

vh signe

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"On the Beach"

thoughts on life and time.



I came across this poem a few years back, and lately it's been almost haunting me. The poem is about life and the different stages we go through, but I have never clearly understood why life is described this lonely. What I like about the poem is the journey and development the person goes through. It's described so simple. Life is short and death is always lurking in the background, so use whatever time you've got.

In many ways the poem reminds me of the few hours I spend on a beach at the end of the world once. I remember thinking, while sitting in the sand, that this was as far away from "home" that I would ever be. From the moment I would get back up and walk on, every step would bring me closer to home, closer to the end of my journey, in this case meaning not an infitive clossure like in the poem but instead the awareness that it was the end of my year in New Zealand.

In less then two months I'll be off on my long planed journey and once again I'll sit for a little while looking at the horizon at Tapotupotu Bay. Travelling to the end of the world.... and back.

here's the poem

On the Beach

At dawn, bare footed, viewing as far as eyes can reach,
the water's edge advances and recedes along the beach.

Before me I see a carpet of half-buried shells of sea-creatures,
tide washed and rippled in sodden sand along the beach.

I move, exploring, sodden sand oozing between my toes,
beyond me the wavelets breaking on the sand along the beach.

Behind me, my wandering trail is blurred and indistinct,
as the water's edge advances and recedes along the beach.

At mid-day, on the soft dry sand behind the water's edge,
undressed worshippers lie in the sun that beats down along the beach.

At night, the moon's reflection at the water's edge
resembles sea serpents playing in the wavelets along the beach.
Michael Williams

vh Signe

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Mumbo Jumbo

No such thing as freedom from the red-tape

sunny 23 °C


So here I go again; signing myself out of the society.
It seems that I have to push more and more paper each time around. "resisdent - infomation", "registration for election lists", driverslicense", multible contact adresses ect..
I know that it's all apart of the "new" globalized world, that the our government wants to be able find you no matter where you chose to go, at least in theory, but it steals away some of the excitement and some of the adventure.
This time around I had to sign a document (legal - binding) stating that I'll return to my native country within two years. I hate time limits. Not really sure what will happen after two years....

So; dear Denmark... I'll be back, but please don't turn my c/o adress into a public-information dump the next 18 months.

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Getting started

so many things to plan!!!


img ="Making big plans, trying to ignore people taking pictures"

so, you're going to travel around the world, eh... that sounds really great....

yes doesn't it? In my case the thought have been stuck in my head since around the age of 12. My dream to travel should probable be listed as an obsession. So, I came to the conclusion that the best way to beat the obsession is to confront it.... "live the dream" as the cliché goes...
It's time, now or never; the biggest test of my life. On september 2nd the adventure starts. 18months on the go only bringing along with me the limitation of a back-pack.

So I've set my further education on a stand-by, got myself a (mind-numbing) fulltime job and started planing for real while doing my best to ignore all hints and coments from family ect. that someone my age should look intensely for the one and give birth to a little league team + seeking the perfekt career. Fat chance of that happening anytime soon.

To people who know me I don't seem like a well-organiced person. My filo system consist of all these little pieces of paper where I've written down things important to remember only to misplace the paper. I'm always five minutes late.... and walks around with my head in some kind of music-cloud. But I'm a friendly, smiling, curious, fun-loving and (most of the time) somewhat fearless. I prefere hitchhiking to taking the bus and taking the train instead of the car. I have made close friends in 10 days as well as in 10 minutes, and nomatter where the world choses to take me I plan to keep in touch (thanks to wonders like facebook and skype it's easy these days).

But why a travel blog before going traveling? simple answer; to be prepared!
While planing this dream I've made lists and more lists, and now I need a little help to spot things to remember.

Game plan!!!
"one person, armed with camera, backpack, an ugly guitarlele and a smile"

In September; a friend and I fly to Australia with a five day layover in Hong Kong.
(All arrangments for Hong Kong is made, private tourguide and all. fab!)
On arriving in Australia I'll recieve my visa and start looking for a job and place to rent.
In december; off to my secund homeland New Zealand (hoping to go there by boat) to celebrate xmas.
januar 2009; back to Australia.

after this all plans are open
Im planing to go to Thailand and maybe Cambodia, followed by a "shoestring" trip through south, central and north america. Chile, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, U.S.A. and Canada are the countries that I have decided for right now.

list of things I'm already on top of;
Money (trying to make some sort of buget!!)
credit cards
safe keepings for important dokuments
camera (still working on that one)
list of people and places to go in case you need help
trekking equipment

list of things I should do;
international driverslicense
look for a job + a place to rent in sydney.
look into tax-rules in Australia
electronic storage for documents, pictures and such..
extensive amount of legal and official notifications concerning tax, resisdentcy ect.

Hoping for a helping hand and a beautiful summer to all


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