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so many things to plan!!!


img ="Making big plans, trying to ignore people taking pictures"

so, you're going to travel around the world, eh... that sounds really great....

yes doesn't it? In my case the thought have been stuck in my head since around the age of 12. My dream to travel should probable be listed as an obsession. So, I came to the conclusion that the best way to beat the obsession is to confront it.... "live the dream" as the cliché goes...
It's time, now or never; the biggest test of my life. On september 2nd the adventure starts. 18months on the go only bringing along with me the limitation of a back-pack.

So I've set my further education on a stand-by, got myself a (mind-numbing) fulltime job and started planing for real while doing my best to ignore all hints and coments from family ect. that someone my age should look intensely for the one and give birth to a little league team + seeking the perfekt career. Fat chance of that happening anytime soon.

To people who know me I don't seem like a well-organiced person. My filo system consist of all these little pieces of paper where I've written down things important to remember only to misplace the paper. I'm always five minutes late.... and walks around with my head in some kind of music-cloud. But I'm a friendly, smiling, curious, fun-loving and (most of the time) somewhat fearless. I prefere hitchhiking to taking the bus and taking the train instead of the car. I have made close friends in 10 days as well as in 10 minutes, and nomatter where the world choses to take me I plan to keep in touch (thanks to wonders like facebook and skype it's easy these days).

But why a travel blog before going traveling? simple answer; to be prepared!
While planing this dream I've made lists and more lists, and now I need a little help to spot things to remember.

Game plan!!!
"one person, armed with camera, backpack, an ugly guitarlele and a smile"

In September; a friend and I fly to Australia with a five day layover in Hong Kong.
(All arrangments for Hong Kong is made, private tourguide and all. fab!)
On arriving in Australia I'll recieve my visa and start looking for a job and place to rent.
In december; off to my secund homeland New Zealand (hoping to go there by boat) to celebrate xmas.
januar 2009; back to Australia.

after this all plans are open
Im planing to go to Thailand and maybe Cambodia, followed by a "shoestring" trip through south, central and north america. Chile, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, U.S.A. and Canada are the countries that I have decided for right now.

list of things I'm already on top of;
Money (trying to make some sort of buget!!)
credit cards
safe keepings for important dokuments
camera (still working on that one)
list of people and places to go in case you need help
trekking equipment

list of things I should do;
international driverslicense
look for a job + a place to rent in sydney.
look into tax-rules in Australia
electronic storage for documents, pictures and such..
extensive amount of legal and official notifications concerning tax, resisdentcy ect.

Hoping for a helping hand and a beautiful summer to all


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Try Humyo.com or Adrive for online storage. Avoid thelinkup, I just got burned with them. Email yourself a copy of your passport and any other document. International driving license is a good thing, wish I had it!!

Good luck on your trip!


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